The Little Misfit Filly

And with that big spam of updates, I have a question! Even though Misfit’ll probably never find a cool fancy costume, what would you like to see her dress up as for Nightmare Night?



Featuring spoopy ghost Sky.

M-more of a pony than a place.

T-they looked so tasty a-and shiny.

Featuring Crayon.

…Might still b-be a lil’ edible.

Quick! Draw the most recent shipping you think is cute!

I’ve never really done a full-fledged shipping picture before so I panicked.

Alrighty so people voted for lame linearts of the hobo horse this is exciting. However, as such, I need fun questions since Tumblr keeps randomly deleting mine. I mean, if you have the time. If you want to. I’m sorry for all this spam, I really am.

Lately I have been thinking of exactly WHEN I’m going to reboot this blog. The thing is, I don’t really know. Just in the next month or so, hopefully. I want to be able to restart it with a style I enjoy, like, and am comfortable with. But to get a style, I have to draw and experiment with my character. And to experiment with my character, I need to answer questions. So, even though it may not be the most solid art, I shall try to answer some questions here and stuff! Most of it’ll be lineart and experimenting. And on the way, I can have my own questioned answered (such as how to make a clear easy-to-read picture of an ask) to ready for the reboot. A win-win!

Unless, you guys don’t want to see awkward linearts of a hobo filly and just want me to disappear until I officially start this up again. The choice is yours, I guess?

Lil’ reply to this.